The Passion Projects: The Little Bakeshop

Founded by Fleur Bat, The Little Bakeshop was curated out of a love for baking & adoration for sweet treats! Discover exactly how she turned her passion into an inspiring business!
08 October 2023

Tell us about The Little Bakeshop.

The Little Bakeshop is a baking company that brings back the simple cookies and cakes from our childhood in people’s home. Everything is baked on demand and delivered freshly out of the oven. Also, as we feel it is important to have a sweet break during the day as well, The Little Bakeshop offers a cookie subscription service to offices in Luxembourg City.

How did you get started baking?

I started my professional baking journey when I was 14 years old. I would bake twice a week until late at night and my Mother would drive me the next day to deliver to a couple of restaurants in Brussels. Later, my husband and I created a catering company called Food Lovers. I was the Head Chef and, although it was a lot of fun cooking whole meals for parties and events,  I kept my passion for sweets alive by creating beautiful desert buffets for our clients! Desert has always been my favourite part of cooking. I have baked for family and friends since forever because I believe a cookie fresh out of the oven is a little ray of sunshine, what ever the day might bring. 

Why did you decide to start The Little Bakeshop?

6 years ago, we moved to Luxembourg for a new adventure. I was looking for cookies and cakes just like the ones I would bake at home – yes, sometimes the baker doesn’t feel like baking 😉 As I couldn’t find my type of cookies & I figured I was probably not the only one longing for this, I decided to started baking for others again!

The Little Bakeshop was born!

What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

The most rewarding part of owning my own business is to be able to make my company evolve on my own terms. I get to be in direct contact with my customers, understand their needs and bring this little piece of happiness to their everyday life through my baking. Every minute in my kitchen is well thought and it allows me to balance my work life and my family life in the most efficient way. These after school hours are very important to me and I think I would have never been able to be the mother I want to be if I had been working for someone else.  

The Little Bakeshop

What inspires you?

The creativity out there inspires me! What people are able to do when they are passionate is awesome. They invent, they try, they make mistakes, they grow, they start again until they get to where they want to be and then find a way to push their story a bit further.

Advice for other female entrepreneurs?

As a female entrepreneur and a mother, the hardest part is to find that balance. In order to do so, it is paramount to concentrate on what creates value and to delegate the things that are time consuming or the things that we are less good at.

It is also important to have a sense of where you are heading with your company. For The Little Bakeshop, I favoured growing slow and last long opposed to growing fast and loose myself in the process. Also, as a self taught person, I feel it is important to address the Imposter Syndrome that can catch us off guard at any time in our journey. Don’t let this feeling stop you and make sure you stay connected to all that you CAN do instead of getting overwhelmed with the little things you can’t control. Most of all, when you are an entrepreneur, you get to choose what you do and how you do it so don’t forget to have FUN while doing it and be proud of every little step achieved. 

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