The Perfect Autumnal Ramble: Koetschette

Hiking in Luxembourg- leads you on a walk through the western part of the ridge.
13 October 2020

Begin at the parking of the school campus, between Koetschette (lux. Kietscht) and Arsdorf (lux. Uerschdref), just behind the roundabout. Then go past the pub in the roundabout, and head southeast until you reach the forest. According to legend, outlaws were hung here on gallows in the middle of ancient beeches. Since then, this mysterious and creepy place has been haunted by the ghosts of those hung at the witching hour.

After a short forest walk, cross the rural village of Schwiddelbrouch, and at the road to Eschette, turn left towards the ridge. Then cross the CR 308 country road, and east of your position, you can see the “Napoléonsgaard.” On the northwestern horizon, across the valley of the Upper Sûre lies the village of Boulaide (Bauschelt).

Keep going towards Arsdorf, lying on a valley floor, nearly 130 metres below the peak of the route. At the washhouse, turn left and get back to the starting point on a long but gentle ascent.

AP Koetschette (10,3 km  – Auto Pedestre)

Region: Eislek

Duration: 2 h 10 min

Elevation: 409-528 m

Level: easy (4/10)

Walking ground quality: good