Why an ACL Membership is a must-have in Luxembourg

The ACL, Automobile Club of Luxembourg, is the largest Association in Luxembourg. With more than 194,000 members, its main goal is to offer a variety of services in connection with mobility at large. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, camping cars, travels, leisure, all sorts of topics are covered. [Partner Content]
22 March 2022
  1. ACL Assistance

The ACL is commonly known for its bright yellow cars and trucks driving around Luxembourg. Its main activity is the roadside assistance.

But the ACL’s assistance is quite unique and here’s why:

  • Having your car simply towed, like most assistance services prefer, involves having the car brought to the workshop for repair and getting a replacement car that you would have to get used to quite quickly. That’s why our main goal is to get you back on your way as fast as possible. We are able to repair more than 88% of breakdowns on the spot, which enables you to drive on without any further ado.
  • The ACL Assistance doesn’t only apply to cars, but to every means of mobility. It doesn’t even have to be your car, motorcycle, bike or camping-car. At the ACL we assist the member in every situation, no matter if its an accident or a breakdown. All vehicles are covered by the same membership card without having to pay a surplus.
  • Our Assistance Center is based in Luxembourg, which brings multiple advantages. First, our team members know all of the country’s usual languages like Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Portuguese. Furthermore, we know the country off by heart, which means, we also know local names like “Quatre-vents” or “Fräiheetsbaam” !
  • In case of an accident or breakdown while travelling abroad, we also provide quality service through our Europe-wide partners. We work with more than 40 automobile-clubs throughout Europe which provide the same quality in breakdown service as we do in Luxembourg. 

A domestic breakdown or failure? Simply call the ACL Hotline and we will send an appropriate tradesman, whether you need a locksmith, an electrician, a heating engineer, a fitter or a plumber, round to your home to fix it.

And remember there is just ONE PHONE NUMBER TO CALL 24/7, no matter which assistance you need: +352 26000 or just press the eCall mobile button on the ACL App.

We offer a complete assistance service based in Luxembourg, not only for your car, but for all your means of transport without any additional costs. Isn’t that something you could definitely need?

  1. ACL Membership

The ACL membership is individual and personal, which allows us to have you covered no matter how you travel.

The most common membership choice is the Europe-card for €89.50 per year. Which is not even 25 cent per day. With this card you are covered in Luxembourg as well as in Europe.

Partners of ACL-members and youngsters from age 16 to 25 benefit from a substantial discount at €67 per year for the Europe membership.

If you travel exclusively by bike, the ACL Bike Assistance Membership could be interesting for you. For only €25 per year, you can benefit from all the ACL services, with the difference that the roadside assistance is only applied on your bike or electric bike in Luxembourg.

Did you recently pass your driving license? If so, you can benefit from our “New Driver” offer. Just go on acl.lu/newdriver an get an ACL-membership for free the first year.

  1. The ACL – More than a breakdown service

Even if our breakdown service is the number one service in Luxembourg, our mission is to also help you prevent breakdowns. That’s why we offer a wide range of other services in addition. Here a few examples our ACL members can benefit from.

  • ACL Diagnostic Center

We offer a variety of tests to check the condition of your car. Our mechanics will give you an extended and unbiased analysis in order for you to travel around safely. 

  • ACL ClubMobil

You need a larger car for your family holiday, a camping-car for a trip around Europe or wish to try an electric bike or car before deciding to buy one? At the ACL Clubmobil, we have a variety of rental vehicles, not only in Luxembourg but all over world. Your advantage: All insurances are included, so no need to get any more on site.

  • Tourism and member vacations

The ACL offers a variety of services for all your travels: Exclusive member holidays, toll badges, guides, personalized itineraries, and anything else you need to have a worry-free trip.

  • ACL ElectroLease

You are thinking about getting an electric car, but hesitate because of the fast pace of technological development and the effect on sales? ACL ElectroLease is an all inclusive private leasing service for electric and hybrid cars, exclusive for ACL members.

For all further information about all the services the ACL offers, visit our website on www.acl.lu or contact us per e-mail at acl@acl.lu or per phone at +352 450045-1.