The Quintessential List to Capture The Castle

Lover of all things feudal, Elfi Dontis put together a list of more than 15 castles, all within a short distance from Lux. No family coat of arms required.
09 May 2021

Medieval era, dark ages, knights, kings and queens, stories of unfulfilled and forbidden love, stories of unsanctioned unions and a time where knowledge was the privilege of the few…

If you are fascinated by these dark ages, you will be captivated by the area around Luxembourg (in Germany, Belgium, France) as it is brimming with castles. By jumping in the car and visiting, you will feel as though you’ve gone back in time. A period when everything, (for the select few),  and nothing, (for the majority) was allowed.

Here are some of the most beautiful castles around Luxembourg to visit. We assume you have explored the ones found in Luxembourg, so this article is for castles a bit further afield, yet easily accessible by car.


To be honest with you, the first time I took the road trip from Trier along the Mosel River to Koblenz I wasn’t prepared for the vast architectural richness of the area. The amazing little wine villages along the way and all the castles, ruins and monuments that you encounter are truly breathtaking. This road trip is perfect for a weekend in either winter or summer.  During winter, you enjoy beautiful, traditional German Christmas markets and as an added bonus, some of the markets can be found inside caves! Here is a list of the most know castles in the area but along the way,  have your kids keep their eyes peeled as everyone might notice unmarked ruins and smaller castles on the sides of the river along the way.

1.      Burg-Eltz

A beautiful castle in Germany is approximately 1.5 hours driving from Luxembourg. If you think the picture is attractive, wait until you read the welcome message of the Count and Countess Eltz on the Castle’s website. Burg Eltz is interesting to follow online since once a year there is a family day organised which means fabulous activities for the kiddos. Of course, even if you go on just a normal Sunday this castle offers majestic views and stunning nature and hiking trails.

A little secret: On the way to the castle there is a hidden, quaint restaurant which you shouldn’t miss if only for the views.  Pyrmonter Muehle, overlooks a small waterfall, with a lovely sunny terrace that kids will love which gives adults a chance to sit back and relax.

2.       Cochem Castle

Cochem is an amazing city, very touristic but able to keep it’s original features and an authenticity that can be hard to find while traipsing amongst throngs of people. Take time to explore the area as there are also some nice family parks with animals and lots of family friendly destinations nearby.

3.      Castle Berg  (Nennig, Germany)

This castle is very close Luxembourg, you just cross the bridge from Remich. It is now a hotel-spa, casino and restaurant. I challenge you to check how many Michelin stars the restaurant has been awarded!

4.     Saarburg Castle

Founded by Count Siegfried of Luxembourg, is one of the oldest mountain castles in western Germany. The ruins of the castle are on top of the hill and it’s worth visiting for the views alone. You’ll also find a tasty restaurant to reward yourself after the climb.

5.       Burg Arras

Not only can you visit, you can also sleep in this castle, truly amazing!

6.      Stolzenfelz – Koblenz

If you are into Prussian Rhine romanticism, then this is your fortress.

7.      Ehrenburg Castle

Yet another place to rest your castle-explorating head for a night, (and you don’t have to be a knight in order to do so), you can join the ranks of noble ladies and gentlemen since the beginning of the middle ages who have been guests at the Ehrenburg Castle for 850 years.


1.       Chateau de Malbrouck

Just around the corner, you will find this beautiful French chateau. Be sure to follow it online to keep updated on interesting events and exhibitions. Moselle Day as well as the March of the Lords are in May.

2.       Chateau des Ducs de Lorraine

Only 3 km from the Luxembourg border, you could almost ride your horse there.

3.       Chateau de Preisch

You will honestly feel like you are in a fairy tale…the grounds are truly breathtaking.

4.       Rodemack

Go for the gorgeous flower show in May.

See also

5.       Sedan

1000 years later, this impregnable fortress still looms.

6.       Le Château de Bazeilles

More contemporary/ less medieval. An elegant summer home built by a textile manufacturer in 1750 under Louis XV.


1.       Le Chateau de Lavaux Sainte Anne

Did somebody say dungeon?!

2.       Chateau du Bois d’Arlon

Less visit, more rental….can hold up to 250 of your nearest and dearest so this one might be one to think about if you’ve got a large group for Christmas!

If there is one to try to see in Luxembourg it’s Chateau de Wintrange- if you can catch them when they are open- (if only to see the secret garden):

There you have it…the ultimate list of nearby castles. You no longer have to receive a written invitation and won’t have to worry about moats, turrets, ramparts or arrows. (No combat training required). These castles are yours to explore and as an added bonus, they no longer smell of horse manure and now have flushing toilets. You no longer have to be of high social standing to visit…they will even allow your littlest jesters.