The Social Network That Helps Women Feel Safe Online

Founder & CEO, Olivia DeRamus, created Communia as a “safe space for anyone who’s tired of the internet revolving around the male gaze”.
23 September 2023

Speaking to Glamour Magazine, DeRamus explains how the idea of Communia came from her own experience of sexual assault whilst she was at University. In her journey of pitching Communia and attending tech conferences, Olivia was met with sexist comments that highlighted to her just how important a platform like Communia was.

Olivia is “passionate about understanding women’s experiences in a male dominated world.” After a persistent legal battle from her own experience of assault, she was found to be in the right, but was then sued for millions by her perpetrator. Olivia found that she couldn’t turn to social media platforms for support and neither could other women due to “the shortcomings of mainstream social media.” Olivia set out to create a path of empowerment for herself and others that were also in need of a safe space online.

“A social network created specifically to make it easy for women to find support from other women, free from the harassment, comparison culture and digital misogyny that still dominates most platforms.” – that is Communia.

The Open University recently surveyed 7,500 adults across the UK as part of the largest study into online violence against women and girls. The survey revealed that over 1 in 10 women in England have experienced online violence while 3 in 10 women have witnessed online violence. 

Communia did their own survey in June this year that focused on the extent to which British women and marginalised genders experienced unsafe online spaces due to lack of safeguarding by big tech firms. The survey revealed that 2 in 5 gen z & millennial women (16-34 years old) are looking to turn their backs on mainstream social media platforms due to safety concerns or toxic environments.

It seems wild to think that we need platforms like this for women to feel safe online but with large tech giants like X (previously Twitter) owner, Elon Musk, who recently allowed Andrew Tate back to the platform despite his controversial, misogynistic and dangerous views on women, it’s clear that their priority is not the safeguarding of women. 

Would you download an app like Communia? How safe do you feel on social media?