Things to Do On a Sunday

Here are some of our favorite ways to spend a Sunday in Luxembourg.
15 January 2023

Pick 1- Museums

While not every museum is open on Sundays, there are quite a few great options. The Museum of Natural History and Art, the Musée Draï Eechelen and Luxembourg City History Museum are all open from 10am-6pm every Sunday. These are just a few of the selection that are open, but they are great options!

Pick 2- Brunch

Croissants, coffee & some great company, Sunday brunch is always a good idea. For all of our favourite brunch spots, check out our Luxembourg brunch bible here! Just be sure to check the Sunday opening times 🙂

Pick 3- Cinema

This is a great way to unwind on Sundays. Looking for a spontaneous Sunday? Walk into the cinema and see whatever movies were next on! Be sure to search “VO”/”Version Original” for movies in English and see what movie you can find!

Pick 4- Weekend Getaway/Staycation

Explore a new part of Luxembourg that you’ve never been to, we loved Clearvaux, Diekirch, and Esch-sur-Alzette. This blog includes many day trips in Luxembourg and a few outside in Germany and France. You can also just stay in Lux and support local hotels/restaurants in this difficult moment. Hostellerie Du Grünewald is a great option, the views are stunning and the rooms are super cosy.

Pick 5- Explore your City!

Luxembourg has so much to offer outside to explore for free and always open! Whether you’re after a city walk, a cultural trip to museums or castles, they are open on Sundays and are a great activity for the whole family. The Panoramic Elevator of the Pfaffenthal is also a fun FREE activity with amazing views, check it out!

Let us know of your favorite Sunday activities and we will add them to the list!