Top Hiking Trails in Luxembourg

Discovering Luxembourg by foot is one of the best ways to see what this amazing country has to offer! Whether you're a hiking pro, out for a casual ramble or got little ones with you - these are some of the top hiking routes in Luxembourg!
29 September 2023

Escapardenne Éislek Trail

This 106 km trail connects the Belgium/Luxembourg Ardennes region and offers a picturesque, varied landscape. You can walk on five daily stages that cover vast terrains, views and the cultural heritage of the Ardennes.

The 5 stages of the train include:

  • Kautenbach – Clervaux : 25,5 km
  • Clervaux – Asselborn : 18,8 km
  • Asselborn – Houffalize (B) : 20,6 km
  • Houffalize (B) – Nadrin (B) : 23,4 km 
  • Nadrin (B) – La Roche-en-Ardenne (B) : 18 km

Mullerthal Trail

Spanning across 112km, the Mullerthal Trail leads you through the depths and true beauty that is the Mullerthal Region. Known as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, there are three main trail routes which can be enjoyed by hikers as they marvel in the mossy forests, open rock features, picturesque stream valleys and open landscapes. Follow each of the trails and you’ll be greeted with beautiful viewpoints and cultural sites.

The 3 main routes of the Mullerthal include:

There are also 4 extra tours:

Minett Trail

The Minett Trail spans over 90km and is beautifully rich in nature and history along the way. Follow the trail through Minett’s nature reserves and discover the beautiful “Terres Rouges” (land of the red rocks). The Minett region has a plethora of biodiversity that is awaiting to be discovered on this trail, which also connects all the major cities and tourist hubs so you’ll be able to discover this one-of-a-kind region at your own pace!

Choose your path thanks to the trail stages that can be found of the Minett Trail website!

Moselle 3 Trail 

Take a trip to three countries across 33 kilometres on the M³-Trail in the Moselle region. Travel along the German-French-Luxembourg border region as you take in its incredible charm and rich history.

Find out more about how the surrounding regions work together in harmony thanks to its people, history and its culture. The M³-Trail features key landmarks such as the European Museum in Schengen, the Château des Ducs de Lorraine in Sierck les Bains and the Franco-German Peace Chapel near Perl.

Comfort Trail – Bissen

The light & family friendly hike is a perfect one that invites the whole family to slow down and discover the nature around them. This trail leads through picturesque forests and all paths are pushchair appropriate! Follow the quaint paths which feature idyllic streams and if you’re lucky, you may see a squirrel or two hoping over the treetops!

This short, family walk is perfect for those who are looking to move their bodies but still want comfort. It’s wide and easy to walk on plus there are lots of benches along the way to stop off and take in the surrounding nature scenes.

Bavigne Loop

This loop trail located in Diekirch can be seen as a relatively challenging route that is most popular amongst backpackers, hikers and road biking. The 9.2km trail near Lac de la Haute-Sûre is a great trail to visit, recommended visiting times are from March till November, and one that also welcomes dogs!

Petrusse Valley

If you’re looking for a good walk in the heart of Luxembourg City then this is the one for you! The Petrusse Valley walk is a 6.9km trail that takes on average almost 2hrs to complete. The walk takes you through in the Petrusse and follows round to the Grund, where you’ll pass the infamous Pont du Grund which delivers the some of the best photos of Luxembourg! Continue on through Clausen and you’ll end up in Pfaffenthal near the glass elevator – another great picture spot. This takes you through the Pescatore back and loops you back into the city centre. A fantastic trail for a casual walk and even better for a Sunday stroll!

Consdorf Hohlen Rundweg

As a very popular route in Echternach, this 3.7km loop is great for hiking and features the beautiful greenery and rock features of the Echternach landscape!

Remich Loop

This beautiful trail through Remich leads you through the old alleys of the town, along the footpaths and back through to the vineyards. The loop trail spans over 9.7km, taking an average time of 2hr30 to complete – this is one of our favourite trails in such a beautiful region of Luxembourg!

Escapardenne Lee Trail

This trail runs from Ettelbruck to Kautenbach as it leads through dense forest terrains and quiet river valleys. This is a long distance trail but offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes combined with key cultural highlights from the Eislek region.

There are 3 stages of the trail:

  • Ettelbruck – Bourscheid – Moulin : 17.8km
  • Bourscheid – Moulin – Hoscheid : 19.3km
  • Hoscheid – Kautenback : 14,5km

Did we miss any of your favourite hiking trails in Luxembourg? Let us know!