UNESCO Cultural Guide

Did you know that parts of Luxembourg are included on the UNESCO cultural world heritage list? You can find several UNESCO sites in our tiny country...from Luxembourg City all the way to Clervaux.
20 March 2022

Here’s your go-to guide to UNESCO sites in Lux!

UNESCO stands for United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. There are six different UNSECO sights in Luxembourg all with something great to explore.

Hopping procession of Echternach

This is a Luxembourgish tradition honored by UNESCO. The procession involves people from all over Europe hopping from the medieval streets of Echternach to the town center. This is a celebration of joy and love. While we are not sure what this tradition will look like this May, it is definitely a sight to see.

Luxembourg’s Old Town

Luxembourg’s Old Town is absolutely breathtaking. The Old Town UNESCO sites include the old fortress, the Neumünster Abbey and Bock Cliffs. In this area you will also find fantastic museums all within walking distance. Old town has great restaurants, views and much to explore.

Minett Biosphere Reserve

The Minett area is filled with gorgeous flowers, red rocks, greenery and old minings sites. You can bike, hike and discover this beautiful region along with so much history in Esch-Sur-Alzette.

The Family of Man

This photography exhibit in Clervaux is centered around the theme of humanity. The exhibition has 503 pictures by 273 photographers from 68 countries. This exhibition has traveled all over the world but now lives permanently in the Clervaux castle. Clervaux is a great little town to explore while on your visit!


There are three different types of tours which allow you to explore the UNESCO areas of Luxembourg, and they are a great way to spend your weekend. Even if you have seen all of the spots before, the self guided tours teach you the history of the regions.

UNESCO Bike Tour: This tour is 9,5km of exploring the old quarters and fortifications of Luxembourg city. There is both an audio tour and a dowloaded guide in 5 different languages for everyone to enjoy.

UNESCO Walking Tour: This trail is an easy 2,5km walk taking you to all of the UNESCO sights. The downloadable guide in 5 different languages leads you to 11 different sights and includes the history of each. This tour is a must do to get to know more about Luxembourg and find your new favorite spots.

UNESCO For All: Just last week a guide for those with disability and impairment came out also adding another language. This tour takes you to 19 different sights and is perfect for everyone.

Whether you have lived in Luxembourg your whole life or are new to the country, there is always something new to learn and explore. Check out our TikToks of the Luxembourg City History Museum and Family of Man exhibition!