Vio Life Smile Design

Image: Dr. Violeta Bartalis ép. Claus , owner VIO LIFESMILE DESIGN and VO AESTHETICS


33, avenue J.F.Kennedy
1855 Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 08:30 – 19:00


Vio Life Smile Design welcomes health, beauty, dentistry, education and art into the dental world. This modern & complex concept is paired with their goal of being an exclusive provider of the balance between life, body, soul, mind & appearance.

A smile is one of the most important personal identity traits that represents both our body and mind.

The ever evolving digital world has amplified this importance thanks to the likes of facial ID and digital avatars which means we are helping to enhance your personal communication through the physical world into the metaverse.

Health and Wellness are the two most important pillars for a longer and happier life which also directly contribute to a charismatic and powerful appearance. In order aid in healing the body & mind, we need to operate in an environment that inspires people to disconnect from their routine and reset their peace. Our vision is to expand the business through enlarging our work space as well as investing more into staff training, growing expertise and purchasing modern technology devices.

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Phone number: 00 352 270 485 30


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