Laure, founder of Work2Care, had been working in the HR field for more than 20 years but in 2022, Laure made the decision to become an entrepreneur. Laure in a certified professional coach in addition to her HR competences. 

After going through her own journey in her personal life which caused a long absence from work, Laure began to see how nothing was being done at this professional level to support employees but also how to equip the workplace with the necessary tools.

Work2Care believes in a holistic approach to people’s health and when done right with the proper understanding, how this can foster positive employee engagement, loyalty and creating a positive experience. Work2Care also understands that continuing to work or the prospect of returning to the workplace can make a significant contribution to recovery.

At Work2Care, you will find 

  • Training and workshops on the return to work after a long absence
  • Professional coaching support for companies to accompany their returned employees
  • HR consultancy on return to work policies


Phone number: 691-114-600


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