Working Lunch

Where’s good to work on that side hustle? Or where should you meet for a negotiation lunch? LUX WMN recommends Robin du Lac.
31 March 2022

If you’re thinking less calzone, and more clams, then the delicacies of Come à la Mer seafood are perhaps a better fit for your business lunch and, as a bonus, you won’t need to undo the top button of your trousers.

Now that you are caffeinated and have satisfied your hunger, you mustn’t forget the treats for the eyes. Retail therapy is mere steps away from your table, whether it’s pieces for your home or pieces for your body. And the guys here love giving you a surprise as there is always something new waiting for you, from trend-led footwear to work staple classics; just take a peek behind the curtain every time you visit.

Still going strong? What do you know? It’s cocktail hour! Known for some of the best afterworks in the city, let the concoctions from the understated bar sort you out. With its funky chandelier, and random Vespas on display, each corner reveals an Instagram-worthy pic. Just don’t blame us if the aperitivos turn into dinner at Come à la Maison.

And it is this last venue which boasts the pièce de résistance found on Sundays: the famous Sunday Brunch. Italian classics on offer beside a bountiful seafood bar which continues to be replenished and delectable sides to write home about. And did we mention the sushi? The brunch selection is mind-blowingly good and you will happily sit there for hours as you work your way through course after course, soaking up the buzzy atmosphere. Go with an empty stomach as you will be brunching like a queen and just throw any excuses out the window onto Route d’Esch.

You might find it is rather hard to leave this glorious brunch, but take heart in the fact that you can come back on Monday for a civilised coffee and do it all over again.

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