Workshop4Me’s All Girls Robotics Team

Meet Luxembourg's all girls robotics team!
06 July 2022

Just a few weeks ago, Workshop4Me’s all girls robotics team participated in the eSTEAM challenge – organised by Make It a.s.b.l.

The team behind Workshop4Me decided to take the challenge as an opportunity to encourage girls to get into robotics, and so they formed all-girls teams. 10 girls were mentored and trained for the competition. They built 4 different robots which were showcased at the Makerfaire in Rosport which took place on June 25-26th.

The mentors were young coaches themselves. One of those mentors was Avanti, the incredible teen Technology Specialist; she mentored 2 teams of 6 girls. Avanti also participated in the Luxembourg Youth Robotics Challenge which is the qualifier to represent Luxembourg in the Global Robotics Competition. Her team received 3rd place!

If you’d like to get your girls (or boys) into coding Workshop4Me is starting in-person coding and robotics sessions in September. And until the 16th of July you will receive 10% off using the code ‘luxwmn’