The Weaponisation of Women’s Attire

A short skirt, high heels, and red lipstick. A sports bra, running shorts, and sneakers. A turtleneck sweater, long skirt, and hijab. All of these outfits were worn by women assaulted and killed at the hands of men. They are different in fabric, style, and occasion, but there is one thing that all of these outfits have in common: they are scapegoats for men’s accountability.

Period Poverty – Access to Menstrual Products is a Right. Period.

Being a young mother of two, Rachel Krengel was faced with a dilemma. The 23-year-old faced a delay in welfare payments and was struggling to support her family. The family had fell into a dire situation where the family’s poverty and debt began to consume them. When the family’s financial constraints began to tighten, one of the of the necessities that Rachel went without were menstrual products.

WMN in Space

The number of women employed in the international space industry represents around 20 percent of the workforce, according to figures released by the UN; roughly the same proportion as 30 years ago. When Redwire opened their European Headquarters in Luxembourg, LUX WMN sat down with some of the female team at Redwire Europe Luxembourg to find out what it means to be a woman in the space industry!

What it Means to be an Ally

Feminism. It is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. What if feminism could be more than that, though? Feminists have always approached challenges with a strong commitment to inclusivity, but what if there are thousands of people fighting to be included, to have their voices heard, and to finally be seen? People with disabilities have been waging a war against those who do not seek inclusivity in aspects of our society.