5 Yoga Postures for a Healthy Back

Even if you didn’t run the marathon this weekend; all those endorphins have probably given you a fitness
high. No matter what exercise you do this week it will have a positive effect on your mood. For Yoga
lovers, the endorphins released whilst exercising are just a tiny part of the practice’s benefits. Yoga is
known to help with stress, flexibility and on a deeper level, a better connection to one’s soul.

The Mentor: Barbara Daroca

After a decade structuring large international financial transactions, Barbara answered the call of her true purpose: creating connections by putting words to work. She loves to try new ideas that challenge the status quo to support her differentiating communications initiatives. Since 2012 Bárbara has lead teams of professionals with a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of communications and brand management, and she is ING’s company secretary in Luxembourg.

The Weaponisation of Women’s Attire

A short skirt, high heels, and red lipstick. A sports bra, running shorts, and sneakers. A turtleneck sweater, long skirt, and hijab. All of these outfits were worn by women assaulted and killed at the hands of men. They are different in fabric, style, and occasion, but there is one thing that all of these outfits have in common: they are scapegoats for men’s accountability.